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  • I have a brand, should I be looking to get an agent?
    If you are keen to lighten your work load, or are wanting to expand your sales reach then an agent may be the right move for you. They will take over the sales of your products and will take a commission to do so. We are happy to chat about the ins and outs of signing with an agent so feel free to contact us for more info
  • What is your commission rate?
    As we work with up and coming brands we pride ourselves on having one of the most reasonable commission rates in the business. We are happy to discuss our rates with you further
  • I have a store and would love to stock one of the brands you represent. Do I contact the brand, or you?
    Whether you contact the brand directly or us, your enquiry will end up back with us. We will talk to you about your store and location and make sure there are no other stores in your area stocking the brands you are interested in. We can then provide you with all of the information and assistance you need to start stocking the brand.
  • Do I have to wait until you are showing ranges to order stock?
    No, you can contact us any time and we can let you know what stock is available for ordering. All brands operate on an ident basis (meaning they make stock based on the orders they get from showings ahead of time), but some may carry extra stock that is available in-season.
  • What happens if I sign up to your newsletter?
    We won't be flooding your inbox with spam, just emails relating to range releases, showing dates and the latest news from our brands. This is super important if you are a stockist as there will be links for ordering and important dates. You can unsubscribe at any time.
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