You can make an appointment with our team to view our collections year round.  We can make a physical appointment at our showroom, a skype appointment or see us at Hello Kid Fair.  Our team will walk you through the collections, and work with you, your budget, your target market and best sellers to develop the best order for your store. 




Once your order has been put together, you will have adequate time (7 days) to confirm all details.  It is best to place your order or even draft order with our team so you know which products were the best for you.  Be sure to read all Terms and Conditions and most importantly, sign any relevant paperwork.  Orders will not be accepted or processed without your signature.  Now that you've done all this, time to get excited to join the team. 

Sign up with Brandboom to

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Now that your order has been placed, our team will have your invoice out to you as soon as possible.  Our brands offer a range of accounts.  Depending on the account you hold, you may need to pay a deposit.  All payments are to be made directly to each brand (at bottom of the invoice) and all outstanding balances due before shipping starts.  We get that life happens.  We are here to help.  Our team are always available to discuss your account.  

Invoice sent ASAP

Paperwork signed

Deposit paid

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