We will be showcasing our brands at Hello Kid Fair in Melbourne from 31st July - 3rd August 2019.

The fair is coming soon!  To grab your tickets to visit the fair, register at

To make a time to see our brands, please scroll below to make a time. 

If you cannot make it to the fair, please contact us to make a time to visit our Melbourne Showroom.  We can be available either in our physical showroom or via Skype from 8th - 23rd August 2019.

about winter 20 ordering

Our stunning brands within Milk Bar Group will be open for Winter 20 Ordering from Monday 22nd July 2019.


Each brand has a different open and closing date for ordering.  We have popped the open and close dates below


Ways you can see our brands:

- Hello Kid Fair

- Our Melbourne Showroom

- Skype call

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